General Rules

  • Don’t be toxic, or you will be kicked. It will be a matter of time.
  • Regardless of your rank, be kind and respect your teammates, we are all equals here.
  • When roaming in full loot zones always stay in a party if other Hadron members that are around.
  • When ganking in black zones, you need to be at least 1400+ IP.
  • When ganking in red zones, you are allowed to go with any IP u want.
  • For ZVZ fights everyone needs to level up their main gear and weapon to at least 100.
  • Regardless of the zone type (yellow, red, or black), when doing ZVZ you need to be at least 1400+ IP.
  • CTA’s are mandatory for Core members. Every single day at 18 UTC and 21 UTC. If you are online and playing the game we require you to be present in the fights.
  • Exceptionally for Healers and Support, they will get regeared in any group content with 5 or more people.
  • All Hadron members are required to be present in the GRAP3 Alliance Discord.
Hadron Core members have the full advantage of ZVZ Looting, Ganking with the Squad, and Split Loot. Core members don't have any limitations, they can farm as well. CTAs are mandatory, if you are online at the time of the CTA you must attend. If you log out just before the CTA, this will be considered as skipping.Minimum IP Requirement:
  • DPS: 1500 & Full Spec 101 in your class.
  • Healer: 1400 & Full Spec 101
  • Support: 1400 & Full Spec 101 in armors.
  • Tank: 1400 & Full Spec 101
Humble Farmers will have permission to craft in our Hideouts. No fame requirement. They cannot participate in full-loot-zone PVP content, nor be part of any split loot. Farmers are not allowed in CTAs or Ganking sessions. However, they can attend Yellow Zone ZVZ to practice and get ready for the "real" fights.
As you know, we have to participate in CTAs. Donations are mandatory for Humble Farmers. Donations are made every Sunday (weekly), and you should donate at least 600k.Deposit the silver in the guild bank.

General regear info

  • Request your regear on Hadron Discord: ❓┃open-ticket
  • In the ticket add the death link from the official AlbionOnline website. If you cannot find the link for your death from go to this website and type your in-game name, then get the link from there.
  • After the death link, in the ticket you need to add a screenshot from the market tab "Quick Purchase Loadouts". You can use the "Lost Equipment" or make a loadout with the same gear you used. Do not forget to un-select the capes, food, potions, and mounts. The ticket should look like shown in the image below.Hadron Loadout Regear
  • Regears are silver transfer-based, using estimates from the market.
  • The value of the head, body, shoes, weapons, and off-hands will be regeared
    • The value of capes, food, potions, and mounts will not be regeared.
  • Hadron-approved build.
  • Minimum 1400 overall IP at the time of death.
  • T8+ equivalent weapon (exception for tank and support) - heal and DPS need min T8 equivalent.
  • No 4.x Items (exception capes, duskweaver armor 4.3 allowed) minimum for non artifact gear is 6.x, for artifact 5.x.
  • Must occur within the battle, ganks from third parties are not regearable.
  • Overcharge breaks will not be regeared.
The guild bank is located on Guild Island in Fort Sterling.
Hadron Guild Bank
Hadron Bank TabMake sure to switch the tab to Donations.
  • Session split ends when people need to leave (unless they volunteer they don't want split). Ganking session can resume post split as new session and on a clean loot tab Split loot will happen immediately at end of session and all that want split must attend (if you aren't there you aren't getting anything). At split time all members will choose one piece in rounds together choosing ONE piece per count down. Anything leftover will go to guild donations and loot tab will be cleaned out.
  • Chests, mob-drops, and resources that you farm on your own are not part of the split loot.
  • Use the "Big Fat Split Loot" tab in the Guild Island's big chest, or Morgana Chests it's up to you.
Hadron Big Chest
Hadron Morgana Chests