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Who are we?

We are a Fort Sterling flagged PVP Guild focused on ZVZ. At Hadron, you will find a diverse group of players, ranging from casuals to hardcore enthusiasts, united by a common goal: to have fun and enjoy our time together.

We offer a variety of content, including ZVZ, Ganking, Ava Roads, Arenas, Fame Farming, and Gathering.

Our event hosts will ensure that you always have enough organized content to participate in. We are also part of the largest alliance in the game, GRAP3.



Our alliance, region, city, and portal lock are all Fort Sterling.
Healers and Supports get regears on all group content. We provide CTA regears, T8.0 or equivalent.
Our prime time is 24/7, with ZVZ scheduled at 18:00 and 21:00 UTC.
We make exeptions for people that are willing to learn.
We have 2 main guild roles. Hadron Core and Humble Farmers.

- Hadron Core members have the full advantage of ZVZ Looting, Ganking with the Squad, and Split Loot. Core members don't have any limitations, they can farm as well. CTAs are mandatory, if you are online at the time of the CTA you must attend. If you log out just before the CTA, this will be considered as skipping.

- Humble Farmers will have permissions to craft in our Hideouts. No fame requirement. They cannot participate in full-loot-zone PVP content, nor be part of any split loot. Farmers are not allowed in CTAs or Ganking sessions. However they can attend Yellow Zone ZVZ to practice and get ready for the "real" fights.
We have a 0% tax rate.

Join our community

We accept guild invitations only from Discord.
Join the Hadron server and apply from the #guild-application channel.